Games Cancelled: 5/19

Updated Sunday May 19, 2019 by Paul Hasson.

Football families:

9:00am was our predetermined decision time. Having just checked the field, coupled with the weather conditions likely to deteriorate and or be unpredictable after 1:00pm, for the safety of the players, spectators and the high school field itself, there will be no games today. This was our last available weekend that we are able to play games. We sincerely hope that you understand the predicament that we are in. We know that there will likely going be periods of weather that we could safely get play in today (like right now), but likely not all the age groups. Because football is team sport, we just decided it's too unpredictable today with the threat of thundershowers after 1pm in a metal stadium. We wish mother nature cooperated better today, but we must error on the side of safety despite how torn we are and how dedicated the players and coaches have been this year. 2019 flag football, everyone is a winner. We wish we could play another weekend, but our fields are just not available, nor is the staff to do so. We wish you the best in all the sports that you play this summer and into the fall. We hope to see you next year.

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