DJBD's Give Back: Making Davis a better community

Updated Wednesday April 4, 2018 by Paul Hasson.

Davis Junior Blue Devils in the Community The DJBD organization is committed to giving back and helping our community become a better place to live, work and play.

Throughout the 2018 year, the DJBD organization has partnered up with various non-profit organizations within the Davis community and has agreed to volunteer our time to show our support at different events over the next several months. These events will be chaperoned by two DJBD board members or coaches and will require just five (5) Blue Devil athletes (Football or Cheer) to volunteer their time. Each little blue devil is encouraged to wear their game jersey or cheer top, to the event. 

For our first event, the DJBD organization has partnered up with the DAVIS COMMUNITY MEALS AND HOUSING organization. Volunteers for this event will help set up the dining hall, prepare and distribute meals for those less fortunate and help clean up the kitchen and hall at the conclusion of the meal. Each athlete should be able to provide their own method of transportation to and from the event.