DJBD Mission

Updated Tuesday December 12, 2017 by Paul Hasson.

DJBD Football & Cheer Program Philosophy

Football and cheer are vehicles that allows the boys and girls of the program to come together and learn life-changing skills that will help them in life after high school. The program is aimed at leading that learning experience by inspiring an attitude of success that leads to maximum effort in the pursuit of excellence. Priorities are family first, academics second, football / cheer third. This is the foundation of the DJBD Football programs.

DJBD and Davis High School football has a goal to be regarded as a leader in guiding boys and young men to reach their highest potential. The young men who graduate the program will have become better people and better citizens. They will be educated in more areas of life than simply the game of football.

The program’s purpose is “to inspire an attitude of success that leads to maximum effort in the pursuit of excellence.” The program will embrace positive attitudes and the fun surrounding these wonderful sports. Maximum effort in the pursuit of excellence will direct the actions and decisions that will have a positive impact on the program.

Commitment, discipline, hard work, honesty, trust, togetherness, attitude, selflessness, conduct, persistence, problem solving, and preparation.

Individual growth in these areas will provide each player better life skills. To ensure this happens, a “team first” approach is taken. No singular member of the program is above the team. Decisions are based on what is best for the team, not the individual. Secondly, the focus will be on effort. Athletes may stumble, or they may not have the abilities of their teammates, but if they are giving maximal effort then they are doing what is asked of them. Effort is what they can control. Thirdly, player safety and well-being is paramount, both mentally and physically. These will not be compromised in an effort to win.

Members of the program will demonstrate trust, unity and togetherness towards other members of the program; they will have pride their school, community, and facilities; and they will be educated on conducting themselves with class both on and off the field.