Blue Devils NFL Flag

Updated Thursday February 22, 2018 by Paul Hasson.

Blue Devils Spring NFL Flag: Now registering players  / Coaches / Officials!

What is Blue Devils NFL Flag?

Davis Blue Devils flag football was created for players to learn / practice football skills and better understanding the fundamentals of the game. Boys and girls 5 - 14 of all sizes in our community will play in an organized, non-contact football league wearing official gear of the NFL. Improve your game, stay active, make new friends and have fun!  The game is designed to teach and enhance the skills of both offensive and defensive players. The skills taught in flag are the same skills we use in tackle football. The defense simply learns how to read the quarterback and defend the receivers using a variety of coverages. Offensive receivers learn their routes and techniques to get open and score. Everyone has a job to do in football. Football is fun and creates independent thinkers that work together for a common goal, your TEAM.

How many players are on a team?

With only 5 players on the field, players are highly engaged and gives every player a chance to be an impact player. Depending on your age, usually 7- 10 players are on each team. Obviously, team size will depend on the number of players and coaches available. 

What are the age levels / Divisions? We offer 5 divisions:

6U:  5 - 6 years old on before 7/31/18 (NEW for 2018:) If not enough players registered, 6U players will have the option to be placed on an 8U team

8U: 7 -8 years old on / before 7/31/18

10U: 9 - 10 years old on / before 7/31/18

12U: 11 - 12 years old on / before 7/31/18

14U / Incoming Freshman (Current 7th graders and Current 8th graders): 12 -13 year olds. 7th / 8th grader will practice and learn the offense of DHS and possiby play against other 7 on 7 teams / cities. 

Can I register and request to be on a certain players / coaches team?

Yes. You can request to be on a team with some friends, a school or a certain coach. We will not guarantee these request, but do our very best to accommodate. We try to group players and balance teams for ability, neighborhood area and school affiliation.

When are practices and games?

Coaches pick a local place to practice, usually once per week and all games to be played at Davis Senior High School Stadium on Sunday afternoons. Practices may start March 1, 2018. Game times TBD depending on how teams per division we have. Season runs: March 18th - May 20. Games are 40 minutes, 2 20 minute halfs. Gametimes will depend on how many teams but we hope to have:

Likely 6U at 1pm, 8U at 2pm, 10U at 3pm, 12U at 4pm, 14U at 5pm. 8th Grade at 6pm


March 18: ALL Player/ Coach Football Jamboree Clinic presented by the Davis High School Football Team

April 1, May 13th: No game due to Easter Holiday and Mothers Day. Great day for optional practices.

April 8, 15, 22, 29, May 6,: Regular season games

May 13, 20: End of season: Playoff tournament, TBD

What equipment will I need to play?

Players will receive a reversible NFL style jersey / shirt and teams will have a set a flags. Your coach will inform the team what color matching shorts to wear for games. Players will be responsible for obtaining their own required mouth piece/guard. Plastic cleats are recommended but not required.

Can I play Davis Blue Devils Flag at the same time as other sports (Baseball, Lacrosse, Basketball)?

Yes. We understand there are several other sports playing during this time of year. We promote players to play multiple sports! Players and coaches can usually work around schedules and we put additional players on teams to account for any conflicts or absences.

How do I register to coach and what is required?

Coaches will create an account and register online as a volunteer, just like a player. All coaches will be background checked and must agree to coach in a positive manner. Davis Blue Devils does not tolerate unsportsmanlike behavior and teaches football skills in a positive and safe environment. Many of our teams will be coached and officiated by high school / college athletes, dedicated parents and community volunteers. Davis Blue Devils is an all volunteer run organization. Please contact Rob Oldham @ for addl. information.

How do I get more information if not covered above?

You can email, Paul Hasson, with any questions about the program.

What are the registration fees:

Current Davis Junior Blue Devil Players (played 2017 season): $40.00

Non- DJBD Tackle players: $85.00 

All registration fees include reversible jersey, flags ,USA football membership and player secondary insurance ( after completed NFL flag registration site).

Love football as much as we do and what to reserve your spot today? 

Please don't wait until the last minute. Registration closes March 17. (LATE registration begins 3/5 $100.00 and will not be guarenteed a spot and will be placed on a waitlist )  We will only have enough spots available as we have coaches/ teams. Know some one that would be a great coach? (your brother, sister, high school / college, neighbor)....We need your help to make this league a football community success. Click HERE and you will be directed to our registration site.